Friday, August 12, 2011

IP-PBX Systems

Range of solutions from small-scale to large scale available.
Very reliable features for organized calling and conferencing.

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Mobile Dialer Branding

Looking for Voip Dialers?

We finally have a set of SIP Clients available of reseller / branding / rebranding for various versions os Symbian, Android, Apple IOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and windows PC Dialer.

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VTIGER CRM Language packs

Working on unavailable language packs in VTiger CRM,
Ofc its open-source and probably most used.

Current languages : Korean

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GSM Dialers

You can now use hardware provided by us that has upto 30 slots for GSM SIM cards.
A complete wireless and portable solution for many SME's and ad-hoc businesses.

E1 / PRI Lines

Guess what ?
We went domestic too :)
Full supprot for domestic calling that can assist large institutions that require an organised calling system. We use E1 lines / PRI Card that handle upto 30 channels per Line.
tags: E1 / PRI dialer, domestic calling.

Predictive Dialers

> Adaptive Dialing Algorithm
> Added new Answering Machine Detection module.
tags: predictive dialer, voip dialer, auto dialer, call center software